Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eternity for Men Summer, I choose you.

I've lived long enough and know enough about perfume to be both proud and ashamed that I like Eternity for Men Summer.

What's more is why I like it: It smells like a mashup of Eternity for Men and Escape for Men.

Every time I smell it, I shall think, "I have EARNED this."

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Armando said...

LOL!!!! Isn't it freeing to admit loving something that others might think you're nuts to love in the fragrance world? I love to enjoy a scent that most others would abhor. Like I actually adore Polo Ralph Lauren, the tried true greeny piney, over the top fratboy scent. The one that most fathers from another era wore and your sister's boyfriend's wore as you were still a little kid at the time when it first came out. It totally works for me. I love patchouli and it's a huge patchouli attack of the senses for me and in a good way ;-)