Sunday, July 02, 2017


So I'm smelling some new materials that arrived today.

First up, the Framboise base from Firmenich.  Interesting. Right out of the bottle, I get more strawberry than raspberry. I have some drying down on a strip now, and it's been maybe 20 minutes since I put it on there. The sweeter, strawberry note has faded a bit, and what remains is definitely a berry, red fruit type note, but more in a rosy direction and much drier. It smells like something very familiar now, but I can't quite place it. But it's more floral, and maybe a bit more melancholy, then the opening. Still doesn't smell like raspberry, but very red fruit.

Also got some irisnitrile. I was really excited about being able to get some of this, as the only (putative) descriptor I could find for it was "brutal".  And brutal it is. This is 10% in TEC, and from the formal descriptions I expected it to be green iris. It's green, but cucumber green. Of course. I should have expected that, actually, and it completely makes sense now, but I didn't expect it. I think it becomes nicer as it loses weight. It's very dry. Interesting to see if anything can be done with it.

And lastly, a sample of Jasmophore, by Firmenich.  This arrived at 10%. Amazing.  Just like jasmine grandiflorum absolute, but maybe cleaner.  Creamy and thick smelling. Love this stuff. It's drying down on a piece of paper now, so we'll see if it stays this good. I just had Nils smell it, and he says it had a little nuance of "fart," so maybe it's more indolic than I realize.  But now, I love this stuff. EDIT: I feel like I should say that this is a very natural base. Probably more so than the Sampaquita by Givaudan, which is also spectacular, by the way. But it feels creamier, more natural (more lactonic?). And it definitely doesn't strike me as one of those all benzyl acetate type jasmines, nor as one of those car air freshener types. It smells nearly exactly like jasmine grandiflorum absolute, but with less baggage.

The only other newish thing I got was Coranol, which, just like it's description, smells like linalool. The description actually says "linalool ex coriander," but to be honest, I've always thought linalool smelled like coriander, as opposed to, say, lavender. My mom thought a linalool sample smelled "woody." So this Coranol smells to me of coriander. Just like advertised.

And that's pretty much it for today.  Flerp!

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