Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The other day I went into the Chanel store, as I occasionally do, and doused myself in the Cuir de Russie. Not because I love the fragrance, but because I want to understand it. It's never smelled like leather to me--more like irisy, or I guess you might say orrisy. But everyone raves about it. And Luca Turin even said it smelled like the inside of a Bentley. Or something. But I've never smelled the leather in it.

The other day I did.

Sure, I still smell that iris/floral/whateverness, but now I smell something sort of akin to leather I think. Something that I've smelled in materials like labdanum and whatnot. Very pleasant.

I want this scent, but it's crazy expensive, so I'm wondering if I should barter something for it. Six months as my favorite, or maybe some personalized hagiography or something. I wonder what would be worth it to the type of person who could afford this fragrance. Hmmmmmm........ Glerp.

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