Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scent Notes for the Downtrodden

Everyone go have a look at my scent post for the WFMU blog. Click here. Glerp!

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Armando said...

Hey Ed,
This stuff to me is Godly. It's one of my faves of all time. I want one of those huge bottles myself. I have four of the huge ones: Coromandel, 31 Rue Cambon (those two are my top two tied for no#1 faves of all time), Sycomore and No.18.
The leather scent category is one of my favorites. I love Knize Ten (even though I can only take it in very small doses), Bandit Robert Piguet (the EDT works for me best and smells the best, IMO compared to the EDP), Aramis (the original), Azuree E. Lauder (Aramis' lesbian sister) and S-Ex by S-Perfumes (this scent is one of the most bizarre but beautifully done creations I have come across for a leather scent. It's exactly like L. Turin said about it in his book. It's leather wrapped in plastic. But what a beautiful combo it is. I get a very pronounced salty air note to; kind of like it's sort of semi-oceanic. But not that horrid oceanic note that is in most department store brands. One of the best to try out!)