Saturday, May 22, 2010


Damascenone Total 10 %: Tell me, you all, what are your experiences? (Tell them in the comments, purleeze.) (Full disclosure: I'm drunk at the moment.)

I received some recently, and was very impressed by the fruity (in the plum/prune/berry way) character of the oil but also the dry rose character which I smelled the second time. Then, I added it to a couple blends, not in crazy amounts, and this is what happened: It seemed to sort of "sheer out" the fragrance; almost like they turned into rose scents with slight backgrounds of whatever else was in the scent. One had a heavy clove note that nothing penetrated, but the damascenone seemed to turn it into a rose scent, and this was a concentration of 10%! It's prolly my imagination, because, in truth, I don't actually like rose scents all that much, but the concoction needed a rosy floral note; So maybe I'm just smelling the rose tone because it stands out to me.

What are all y'all experiences with it? I love the fruity character and the rose impact; I just don't really know how to use it.


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