Saturday, May 22, 2010



Every time I touch your bottle, I end up with fingers that smell ice creamy, like a creamsicle without the orange. Full strength, you have a weird glue-like note; but diluted, you smell incredible. Like ice cream/cream soda/white chocolate/all the descriptors listed for you, except the apricot, which I haven't gotten quite yet. I love you I love you I love you!!!!

Now let's see if your influence is as strong on a blend as it is when I just touch your bottle.


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Daisuke Colson said...

Thank you for your blogs, they help me decide which chemicals I will be ordering from perfumersapprentice, thusly, saving me money.

I've tossed out all my colognes, and started a few days ago with a bottle of vetiver oil procured from a local Whole Foods store.

I emptied the bottle into a container with 70% ethyl alcohol (sold as rubbing alcohol at the local convenience store), and have been spritzing myself.

I really enjoy the odor, the drydown is almost a little too spicy-sweet.. and I now looking to decorate it.

I'm hoping a dose of Cedar will bitter it up. And a citrus with it's bitter points emphasized. I am also infatuated with greens... so I'm going to be sifting through these chems to figure out what works best.

Turin's ideas have appealed to me tremendously.

Chemicals I'm interested in are...

Iso E. (cedar, transparency..main ingredient for molecule 01)
Methyl Pamplemousse. (Grapefruit)
Floralozone (..ozone..ropion paired this with vetiver)
OakMoss (mossy, forest green)
Helional (*like a ray of sunshine*..can't be bad.. right?)
Hedione (not sure, but sounds like a modulator that could help me somewhere)
Ambroxan (Ambergris adds a mineral aspect)
Boronal (accompanied ambegris in molecule 02)
Muscone (Musk)
Cashmeran (spicy musky)
Myrac Aldehyde (fresh manmade citrus notes w/ozone)
Phenyl Acetaldehyde (emphasis on green pine sap)
Spirogalbanone (galbanum note wit.. pineapple.)
Tricyclodecanyl Acetate (cedar..pine.. fresh.)
Stemone (green)
Rhubafuran (green, fresh, rhubarb , citrus booster)
Mandarine Aldehyde (orange zestiness? Or just big fat orange?)
Labienoxime (black currant.. grapefruite green..another modifier)
Isobornyl Acetate (straight cedar like)
Cedrol crystrals ( ethereal component of cedar aroma)
Cyclal C (emphasis on tart citrus peels?)
Dimethyl Octenone (bitter citrus underline?)
IsoCyclocitral (one of your favorites, I ust try.)

I will be adding bergamot essential oil & West Verginia cedar.

These are just initial thoughts gleaned from scanning the web.. I've yet to place my order.. does this list sound cohesive in any way?

Haha.. isobutavan.. Made me wonder what nice..creamy..PINEYCEDARVETIVER.. bergamot scent would be like. bizarre. But you made it sound very good. the note, not the combination.. of course.