Monday, September 20, 2004

Autumn Breezing Through My Mind

Out of the blue: I don't know why this blog is listed in the Yahoo! Australia/New Zealand directory.

Sigh. Making a fall blend is something that occupies my mind every year. Just something to occupy my mind. This year I want to make some kind of scent blend that's autumny and combines dry woody, firewoody, hay/tonka-like, and spicy notes. And other fall-like notes. So I'm thinking I want to combine lots of cedar into possibly a tonka base and mix in other notes, including clove and chamomile. I'm thinking there should be earthy notes and the like in it as well. I was smelling stuff at Enfleurage the other day, and here's what I think would work:
Virginian cedar, carrotseed (for the earthiness), perhaps juniper wood, frankincense, hay, cistus labdanum absolute (I smelled one that smells just like Bel Ami by Hermes), perhaps ginger CO2-extraction, and maybe Peru Balsam. And of course some kind of synthetic amber/leather/suede/firewood scent. Basically lots of cedar with hay/tonka/dry notes and some spice thrown in.

And that's it. Damn I'm bored.

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