Monday, September 20, 2004

Concentre d'New Scents at Sephora!

I was at Sephora today, and gaZOW!, are there a lot of fragrances out that I haven't seen yet. Mostly women's fragrances, cux at Sephora they didn't have the mens fragrances that I really wanted to see (Reaction, Beyond Paradise). There was one fragrance that definitely caught my eye: Hermes has one out now called Concentre D'Oranges Verte, which is basically just a stronger version of Eau D'Orange Verte. That irked me a little, cux I bought and used up my bottle of Eau a few months ago, and I would totally have bought the Concentre if it were available, cux the Eau dissipated FAR too quickly. Interestingly, the only other colognes I want right now, at this moment, are from Hermes: Bel Ami, which smells like cistus labdanum/leather to me (a PERFECT autumn scent; it oughtta be, it's $100 at Sephora) and Equipage, which smells to me like a new-mown hay scent with cinnamon. (If you mention new-mown hay to someone who's supposed to know about fragrances and they don't know what it means, they don't know about fragrances. Period. It doesn't help that it's almost impossible to explain what it smells like--tonka bean, hay, etc.... You just have to say it smells 'characteristic'.) So if anyone wants to buy it for me, I'll accept it, without conditions of course (so why on earth would anyone buy it for me?!). Anyway, I have to go back to Sephora next weekend and write down all those new perfumes and say something about them.

I was at Target over the weekend. Their autumn candles are out. Pumpkin spice, cider, maple pecan (smells a bit like slightly burnt pancakes), etc.. Predictable, but they're all pleasant. Unfortunately, there's no hay or teakwood or anything like that, but that's probably a good thing, as their Target-brand Sandalwood candle smells like shit. Powdered shit. I spotted the new Downy fabric softeners as well, the vanilla & lavender, water lily & jasmine and morning glory & honeysuckle. They're not up to much. The lavender one is ABYSMAL. Horrid. Smells like shit cheap drugstore vanilla perfume. A travesty. The others are OK, but nothing to write home about. One smells like a fresh garden. but they're not all that. The best fabric softeners out are actually the Target's Method brand. The have two out, as far as I could tell, one that if a 'fresh air' scent and smells just great. The other I don't recall the name, but it's in green and has something of a green grass smell. But then everything that Method puts out is good, from their almond-scented wood cleaner to their cucumber cleaning products. (Unfortunately all the cucumber products seem to be listed as bathroom cleaners--I'm sure they're all-purpose cleaners, but when something says 'bathroom' on it people get weirded out. I'm sure my roommate would only use it in there, and not on the kitchen counters, where it's likely to be smelled. Alas!!)

And that's the beep for now.

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Danit said...

Can't stand the Method cucumber dishwashing soap. It just doesn't smell clean to me. I'm trying to use it up as fast as possible so I can back to something basic like Dawn.