Monday, September 20, 2004

Vanilla Anecdote

Here's an anecdote: The people at Enfleurage are out of stock on vanilla absolute - they only have the oleoresin. Why? Because someone bought up all the vanilla in Madagascar. Who? Coca-Cola, for, of all things, Vanilla Coke! Who knew?!! And who knew that any vanilla actually made its way into Vanilla Coke! You can't tell cux of the taste. I don't believe that whole vanilla extract is being used to flavor the beverage - it's got to be vanillin. But maybe it's vanillin from vanilla, so they can put 'natural flavor' on the label. But then can't vanillin be gotten cheaply from something else? And surely, can't it be synthesized even more cheaply? Hmmmm. What a shame that there's no more vanilla absolute. They're also about to run of of another essential oil, but I don't recall which one. Alas!

And I found a link to that old aroma disc player in the 80s. I'm almost positive this is the same thing: The Remigton Aromance Aroma Disc Player. This is apparently an image of the user manual. Fascinating.

And that's today's beep.


Mikalle said...

Do you know where I can buy a Remigton Aromance Aroma Disc Player or the disc's?


Kelly said...

I own one in box along with Sea Breeze, Roaring Fireplace, a Dozen Roses, and Fresh Popcorn. It's very dear to me, but I would sell it to you for $5,000.