Monday, September 20, 2004

The First Post

Pasha by Cartier is a good fougère—minty lavender topnote, followed by a spicy floral middle that I didn't really notice much, then moss on the bottom; but I think I still would rather have Aramis. Chanel Pour Monsieur is kind of nice, more floral than I remember. Of course it reminds me of when I worked at Universal Studios Orlando, and that's not the best memory. Sooooo, then I decided to look at the womens scents, cux I was blas—. It became clear to me that I hadn't looked at them in a long, long time cux there were around a million that I'd never smelled before. Highlights: Tender Touch by Burberry. Yowza, that's a perfume. Talk about POWER floral: it kind of smelled like a blend of jasmines sambac and grandiflorum, with other stuff too. I wondered whether it was one that I could buy my sister for Xmas or something, or whether that would be rude in a way, cux it's a really STRONG fragrance (but great). You never know whether you can give someone a really strong perfume, cux either they might not like it, or when they wear it, other people might complain to them. (Damn other people!!) The other really good one was this line called Desserts. They had a vanilla, a berry and a chocolate-coconut. The chocolate one was OK and I didn't smell the berry one, but the vanilla one was transcendent, like buttercream Belgian waffles. I wish everyone would wear that. In autumn, at least. I hope it catches on--it would be great to be in the subway and have everyone in the car wearing that and smelling like a pound cake. I can dream...

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