Monday, September 20, 2004

Halston Gets Discounty at KMart. Film at 11:03

Just a quick post. I was @ Kmart the other day, the one in Penn Station (not Astor Place), and picked up a bottle of Halston Z-14, which, surprisingly, was priced at only $12. But with the 30% off-lowest-price of all fragrances there, it clocked out at $9. Not bad! And I love the scent! It's lush, citrusy-mossy-lush, opening with a powerburst of sweet bergamot, drying down through mossy notes underlined with tonka and amber and earthy notes. It's really nice, and it is an old-line fragrance, with that older-man smell. But I don't care. I like it. I think it's that marriage of mossy notes with amber that does that. But fragrances of that time were good, you know. I think I still perfer Aramis (which I don't have) for the kind of smell, but Halston Z-14 seems to be richer. And of course it has that great bottle. I'm thinking that since Z-14 is so nice, maybe I should pick up a bottle of 1-12, which they had at Kmart. From the description I read at, it seems like 1-12 would be similar, but less spicy and warm (less benzoin and tonka) and more coniferous/fresh (it has notes of pine, lavender, galbanum and 'green notes'). I'll have to drop by and check it out. At those prices, how can you lose, really?. Also, with everything 30% off, it might be a good time to look at other fragrances, just to see what they cost.

Well that's that. Beep.

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