Monday, September 20, 2004

Caldrea in the City

Caldrea White Clover Fabric SoftenerI am LOVING this stuff, this Caldrea line of products. It's a line of finely fragranced cleaning and body products. Scents include lavender-pine, citrus-mint-ylang ylang, sweet pea and white clover. I especially like White Clover, and bought the hand lotion over the weekend. (It was actually a toss-up between the hand lotion and the fabric softener, but I went for the hand lotion.) the white clover has a full, soft and sweet fresh-cut-grass smell, not too sharp, almost floral, and without that coumarinic undertone. It's really quite nice. I bet it would go OK with vetiver oil, if I were the type to wear vetiver oil anymore (There used to be a day when I would wear Gap Grass with a li'l vetiver oil under it. I also liked the combination of Gap Grass with this Carnation perfume oil that I used to get. It smelled great. You can't find Gap Grass anymore, but you can still get a fake oil of it at that place on 106 & Amsterdam, Scentsations I think it's called.) I also like the lavender-pine a lot - I should definitely get some of those cleaning products. It would prolly smell better than the orange-scented cleaning products we have now. I'm not as keen on the other fragrances, except for White Tea, which I like, but not as much as white clover; but the whole line is pleasant enough.

In cheap candles news, I saw a Glade 3-in-1 candle that I'd not seen before at KMart the other day. I forget what it was called, and the Glade site, typically, is of no help (it's a really shitty site, this Glade one is). My guess it that it would be Evening at Home. It's one that has, and I don't remember this all that well, Chamomile Tea on the top part, something called Comfort something in the middle (with an accompanying graphic of a leather chair--is is supposed to smell of leather?!), and then Warm Hearth on the bottom (with an accompanying graphic of firewood). It looks like it could be really something, but smelling it didn't reveal much. I suppose I'd have to burn it at home to see what it really smelled like. Also, Glade fragrances always look promising, but then when you actually use them, they tend to smell like shit. Case in point: their Gingerbread Spice candle. I don't know what it smells like, but it certainly doesn't smell like gingerbread. And that's perculiar, because I've seen plenty of cheap gingerbread-scented oil that smells spectacular. And that Grandma's Cookies scent from Airwick smells divine, like Belgian Waffles, and it has a ginger accord in it (that I can't really smell, but it says it does). So why can't Glade make a scent as easy as Gingerbread Spice?! But anyway... I'm excited about this candle, cux if the base really does smell like firewood, then maybe they'll come out with a firewood-scented candle on its own, and that would be GREAT! There's nothing like that out there that's affordable. I think I've said before that there's a candle out there going by the name of Feu de Bois that smells incredible, just like firewood, but it's $45. And the only other alternative is the Firewood candle from White Barn Candle Co., which is quite nice but more of a bouquet (it smells a little like Helmut Lang's Cuiron). So it would be cool if it actually smells nice.

And that's the fragrance beep for today.

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